Courses - Technical diving

Want to dive beyond the limits of recreational diving? Yu use the internationally recognised PADI, PADI / DSAT & TDI systems teaching both open circuit and CCR - From entry level to Advanced Trimix Instructor.

Our technical courses are taught by Aaron Bruce. Aaron is an ex-Royal Navy Mine Clearance Diver with over 20 years diving experience. He has been teaching technical diving full-time for the past 10 years having run his own company in Sharm-el-Sheikh. In this time he has become an instructor trainer with TDI and PADI/DSAT and is a member of the board of advisors for TDI.

Open circuit we teach PADI / DSAT from TEK 40 to TEK TRIMIX and TDI we teach from NITROX to ADVANCED TRIMIX. CCR we teach Inspiration, Evolution, Kiss, Sport Kiss, Pelagian, Megalodon, Copis Megalodon and Poseidon.